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Rules: Terms and Conditions
Parrhesia Christian Social Network shall also legally be referred to as Parrhesia and as Parrhesia Social Media Network and is a ministry of I Saw The Light Ministries. Rules: For membership in this Conservative Christian Social Media Network, all members must agree that Jesus is God. No promotion of the governments of Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Cuba, or the Palestinian Authority. No promotion of Putin, Xi Jinping, Bashar Assad, Biden, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Obama, Gavin Newsom, Justin Trudeau. No promotion of the Democrat Party, communism, or the World Economic Forum. No promotion of the flat earth conspiracy theory. No promotion of the Q-anon conspiracy theory. Satire is not allowed. Links to satire websites are not allowed.\ If a member is found to repeatedly share untrue news reports, the member will be banned. So you are responsible for confirming the accuracy of claims and news reports that sound outrageous or unrealistic. No antisemitism. No promotion of Nazism. No Holocaust denial. No “serpent seed” or “seed of Cain” theology. \ No groups/spaces or links or content allowed that promotes Alex Jones or Infowars or related content. \ No links to Gab allowed. No links to Facebook allowed. No promotion of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or Jehovah Witnesses, or any other cult that denies the divinity of Jesus. No promotion of any of the policies and agendas of the Democrat Party. No threats allowed. (Rebukes are allowed, but not threats.) No pornography (sexual images and videos). No profanity allowed. No horror allowed. (Images, movies, videos, sounds, files, websites, links.) We are a nonprofit Christian ministry. We have the constitutional right to assemble with people of like-minded religious beliefs. The US Supreme Court has repeatedly declared that Christians have the legal and constitutional right to refuse things that violate our religious beliefs. Parrhesia Social Media Network is an exclusive membership network for Conservative Christians who accept Jesus as God. All memberships must be approved. All posts must be approved. All groups must be approved. Group owners are required to moderate their groups including all posts, comments, and replies. All group owners are required to require membership approval. No allowance for open groups where anyone can join without approval. All group owners are required to restrict and prohibit profanity. Usage of fake names are allowed for the protection of your privacy. But all members are required to have a fully completed profile including the sections of “About” and “Interests”. But photos are not required. Members are required to participate in the groups that they join. Groups are required to remain active, or else be deleted. A social network is meant to be social with interaction, not just a blog that people just read and do not participate. Inactive members and inactive groups are a waste of space on the network and will be deleted. If you don’t log in, and/or don’t ever click any emojis, and don’t ever comment, your membership will be deleted**.** We require pre-approval for all new spaces/groups. Each Parrhesia member who wants to start a new group, will need to contact us to inform us about the name and purpose of the new space. We reserve the right to refuse and forbid groups/spaces that don't fit in alignment with our morals and values. This doesn't require that you agree with all doctrines & teachings of I Saw The Light Ministries. But rather, we seek to protect the integrity and decency of the platform, and protect the people from wolves in sheep's clothing. But at the same time, we won’t allow you to use our platform as a tool to attack us or to deceive people. We don’t accept demonic cults and false prophets and teachings that are totally contradictory to Christian holy scripture. For example, you could disagree with the majority of our doctrines, but have a group that is only about natural health or sewing or hiking, etc, and doesn’t deceive people and doesn’t attack us and our beliefs. The world is overflowing with unrestricted darkness, and it's time for real leaders, and the true servants of God, to make a strong stand against evil. We realize that this will greatly limit our ability to grow, because most people want 100% unrestricted free speech, as if the allowance of 100% unrestricted free speech is holy scripture. But it isn't holy scripture, but rather, totally opposite of holy scripture. The historical usage of the Greek word Parrhesia refers to freedom of speech for people who have the real truth, while shutting the mouths of the wickedly deceived who would lead others in deception. And that's biblical. And that was also the mentality of America's founding fathers. Although that part of America's history has been hidden from the people. We welcome new groups, but for the protection of the people & of the platform, all new spaces are required to be approved before the creation of such space. Please reach out to us and we will try to be accommodating. We reserve the right to disable and remove/delete any space/group, profile, membership, member, post, comment, image, video, file, content, etc that violates our religious morals, values or standards. All of these rules have the purpose of preventing spam, preventing trouble makers, and promoting an environment of safe communication and networking of like-minded people. Anyone breaking the terms and conditions/rules will be immediately banned without warning.\ \ By registering, you approve and agree to all terms and conditions and rules without opposition. By logging in, you continue to approve and agree to all terms and conditions and rules without opposition.

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